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The Genesis series is my first attempt at fan fiction, and was born out of a desire to try my hand at the public forum of internet writing. Genesis is a parallel universe based upon the temporal events of the X-Files beginning with The Red and the Black. In my view of events, Scully is a lesbian (surprise!) and her private life is quite a bit more interesting than CC would have us believe. 


Genesis I: Chance Encounter

Genesis II: Tempered by Fire

Genesis III: Forging the Bonds

Genesis IV: Conceived in Innocence

Genesis V: Hiding in the Light

Genesis VI: Eve of Destruction

Genesis VII: Resurrection

Genesis VIII: Do Not Go Gentle

Genesis IX: Of Saints and Sinners

Genesis X: Ghosts

Genesis XI: Renascence

Genesis XII: Where Truth Begins

Genesis XIII: Stealing Time

Genesis XIV: Paradise Lost

Genesis XV: Reclamation

Genesis XVI: Beyond Loss

Genesis XVII: Room Service

Genesis XVIII: Ouroboros




Secret Desires

Sweet Dreams

Four Story Foreplay

Public Disclosures

Fantasy Island: First Night

Fantasy Island: Awakenings

Fantasy Island: Sanctuary


The Millennium Effect

Heart's Desire

Defining Love


GAMES - Games is an altogether separate universe, presenting Scully with a different slant -- a series of interludes with a mysterious lover who may be much more than she appears, and whose game may be even more dangerous.

Winner Takes All


Dungeons and Dragons

Five Card Stud

Sudden Death Overtime

Simon Says

Mardi Gras

Hide and Seek

Double or Nothing

Superbowl Sunday



Scully's Night Out

Mystery Lover

Secrets and Silence

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