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TITLE:Genesis XVII: Room Service 


SUMMARY: In the aftermath of Mulder's death, Scully and Marsh resume their lives.


Washington, DC 6:25 PM


"Dana?" Marsh called as she let herself into the apartment. She heard only silence and shrugged out of her jacket, mildly disappointed. Dana must still be at work. She was pleased that Dana seemed to be getting back to normal, or as normal as one could be after losing a partner in the horrifying fashion in which Mulder had died. As normal as one could be halfway through a pregnancy that had been anything but simple. Still, she had hoped that Dana would be home. Sometimes, she just missed her.

She reached for the table lamp on a small credenza just inside the foyer and saw a small white envelope leaning against the base of the lamp. MEB in large bold letters was written on the front. She grinned as she picked it up. She slid out a stiff white card on which was printed in Dana's careful hand, "The car will arrive at 7:30 PM. Your clothes are ready"

Marsh headed for the stairs to the loft bedroom, searching her mind for some occasion that she might have forgotten. It wasn't any holiday that she was aware of, and it wasn't their anniversary. She stopped at the foot of the bed and studied the clothing arranged carefully on the covers. This time when she grinned, it was accompanied by a very definite stirring in her belly. Lying on the bed were a pair of her faded button-fly jeans, a starched white tuxedo shirt, and the midnight blue silk boxers that Dana had given her for Valentine's Day just over a year ago.

At precisely 7:30 PM, a black limo pulled to a stop and a driver stepped out. "Dr. Black?"

"Yes," Marsh affirmed as she moved toward the door which he held open for her. If he thought it the least unusual to be chauffeuring a woman in bluejeans and a black leather blazer, he gave no sign of it. "Where are we going?" she asked him as she slid into the expansive rear seating area.

"The Hay-Adams Hotel, Doctor," he said smoothly as he closed door.

Marsh settled back into the plush leather seat and closed her eyes. The last time she and Dana had stayed in that hotel, they had made love all night. It seemed so much longer than just one year ago. So much had happened, so much fear and loss and pain. She shook her head, and thought not of the past, but of the night to come.


Imperial suite 

Hay-Adams Hotel 8:05 PM


Marsh knocked on the hotel room door, her heart pounding in anticipation. Even after three years, the excitement of seeing Dana after a few hours apart had not abated. When the door opened her pulse rate doubled.

Scully smiled up at Marsh, a mischievous light in her eyes. She wore a black silk dressing gown that opened down the front and was closed at the waist with a belted sash. "How nice of you to come," she said softly.

Marsh held out the rose she had purchased from a vendor outside the hotel. "I am yours to command."

Scully took the rose in one hand, and hooked the fingers of the other under the waistband of Marsh's jeans and pulled her into the room. "Good." She closed and latched the door and said, "You can start by opening the champagne."

Marsh looked around the luxurious suite and saw a room service table covered with a white linen tablecloth and settings of crystal and china for two. Next to the table in a silver standing bucket was a bottle of champagne. She noted another bottle of imported mineral water beside the champagne. "Of course," she said smoothly. Dana looked beautiful, and incredibly desirable, and Marsh had a feeling that she was going to be wanting her very badly before she was allowed to touch her. She knew without asking that the night was Dana's to control, and just knowing that excited her. She very carefully began to uncork the champagne, intent on fulfilling Dana's wishes.

Scully leaned back against the door and watched Marsh open the bottles. As she observed her lover's sure deft movements, her skin tingled with the memory of countless caresses. "Take your jacket off and roll up your sleeves," she said quietly. She loved to look at Marsh's hands. Her fingers were long and supple and so talented. There were times Marsh's touch was so light it was but a whisper calling her blood to the surface. And there were moments that those same hands claimed her so forcefully she had bruises the next morning. Imaging them on her now, inside her, her body began to sing with arousal.

Marsh turned with a glass of champagne in one hand and a glass of mineral water in the other. She almost lost her composed demeanor when she saw Scully's face. There was an indolent hunger in Scully's expression that ignited a flood of desire in the pit of Marsh's stomach. She was wet in an instant. She hesitated a moment to make sure her trembling legs would carry her forward without stumbling and then she approached her lover. She was aware that Scully's eyes were slowly moving over her body and that appraising glance was hot enough to scorch.

With each step, Marsh watched Scully watching her. Scully's eyes were clouded with a faint hint of lust. Her lips were moist and swollen with the first blush of desire. In her neck a pulse beat rapidly and the front of her gown parted just enough to reveal the quick rise and fall of her full breasts. Marsh's throat was dry as she extended the mineral water. "May I ask what we're celebrating?"

"Later." Scully took the ornate flute filled with sparkling water and sipped delicately while she watched Marsh's eyes darken and a fine tremor start in her hands. "Try your champagne," she suggested softly. She hid her smile as she saw Marsh twitch in surprise, having clearly forgotten about the flute that she held in her right hand. Scully set her own glass down on the nearby end table and pushed away from the door, stopping just short of touching Marsh's body. "Good?" she inquired, her eyebrow lifting in question.

"Wonderful," Marsh replied, her throat so thick with desire she could barely get the words out. She wanted to touch her so much. Just to run her fingers over the smooth skin of her neck, just to press her lips ever so lightly to the soft hollow of her throat. She swallowed the rest of the champagne, which she had barely tasted, and looked for some place to put her glass.

"Done?" Scully asked teasingly, reaching for the flute.

"Not yet," Marsh answered, the fingers of her free hand just brushing Scully's arm. "But I'll wait for the rest."

Scully took the glass and put it down next to her own. "Oh, yes," she murmured softly, "you will."

She turned so quickly that Marsh caught her breath sharply in surprise. And then Marsh gasped in shock as Scully jerked her shirt from her jeans and slipped her hands underneath, sliding her palms over Marsh's sides and up her back, pulling her close as her lips came down hard on Marsh's. Marsh's groan was lost in Scully's mouth.

As Scully kissed her, nipping at her lower lip, then soothing the small bites with her tongue, stroking softly along the inside of her lips and into her mouth, she worked the buttons free on the starched white shirt, delicately, precisely. Marsh was swaying just a bit and Scully leaned into her, letting her nipples, taut under the fine silk of her gown, brush over the stiff fabric of Marsh's shirt. The teasing pressure made her own legs tremble. When she had the shirt unbuttoned, her lips now on Marsh's neck, she stripped it off Marsh's shoulders and halfway down her arms. Then she fisted the material and pulled it tight, effectively trapping Marsh's hands at her sides.

They were both groaning softly now, and when Scully lowered her head and took Marsh's nipple into her mouth, Marsh cried out sharply. With her arms trapped in her shirt, she had no recourse but to stand passively as Scully tormented her with her lips and her tongue and her teeth. The exquisite sensation of Scully's mouth working back and forth over her nipples was sending torrents of excitement into her already tense clitoris. It was too much too fast for her to contain. Her breath tore from her on a sob and a quicksilver sliver of release coursed through her before she could control it. She shuddered and moaned.

"What was that?" Scully growled, raising her head from Marsh's breast. "What just happened?"

Marsh drew a shaky breath. "Just a little moment of weakness. Just a small one. I - couldn't help it."

Scully yanked the fabric that tethered Marsh tighter and spun her around until her back was to the door, then she pulled the shirt off. Just as quickly her hands were on Marsh's breasts, hard and demanding. Marsh's knees did buckle then and she threatened to slide down the wall to the floor.

"Stay up," Scully panted as she worked the buttons on Marsh's fly with one hand, her other cupping Marsh's breast so that she could get as much as possible between her lips. Her robe had fallen open now and her nipples pressed against Marsh's bare skin. The heat of Marsh's body rushed into her sensitive, swollen breasts and her mind roared with need. Her hands shook so badly she wasn't sure she could get Marsh's jeans open.

Marsh leaned her head against the door, one hand desperately clasped around the handle for support, her eyes closed, her lower lip caught between her teeth as she fought not to climax again. Dana's hands on her, Dana's lips tugging at her nipple, the soft weight of Dana's breasts moving over her skin were tearing her control to shreds. "Dana," she warned in the broken tone of voice Scully knew so well.

"Don't," Scully gasped, finally able to push the denim down over Marsh's hips and thighs. "Just don't." And then she slipped her fingers inside the silky blue boxers, soaked though with anticipation, and over the hot full folds of her and Marsh jerked once and came hard against her hand. Scully had to wrap one arm around Marsh's waist to keep her upright as she stroked her up and over and into another long series of spasms. Finally the quivering muscles in Marsh's thighs gave out and Scully gently let her go, bracing her arms on either side of Marsh's body as she struggled to see through a haze of lust.

Marsh's eyes were glazed when she finally opened them to discover herself sitting against the door amidst a tangle of clothes on the floor. Dana still leaned above her, breathing hard, the robe completely open, the noticeable swell of her belly almost pressed to Marsh's cheek. Marsh raised shaky hands to glide over the soft skin of Scully's inner thighs, and Scully cried out at the first touch, arching her neck and swallowing a moan. Gently Marsh ran her fingers over the wet warm flesh, amazed at the beauty of her desire, and whispered, "You look like you could use a little help here."

Scully took one hand from the door and thrust her fingers into Marsh's thick hair, pressing Marsh's head forward. "God, yes."

Marsh supported her trembling lover with her hands on her hips, taking more and more of Scully's weight as she sucked her. Each second brought more blood pounding into Scully's clitoris, causing it to swell and hard between Marsh's lips. Scully leaned her forehead against the door, whimpering faintly with each stroke of Marsh's tongue until she had no breath to sob out Marsh's name. She let herself go, shuddering into oblivion, certain that Marsh would not let her fall.

When Scully opened her eyes she was cradled in Marsh's lap, and they were both on the floor. Her head was on Marsh's shoulder, and Marsh had managed to pull the robe around them. Marsh kissed her lightly. "Cold?"

Scully shook her head. "Can't tell yet. Don't think so." She pushed away a little and dug around in the pile on the floor for Marsh's shirt, shifting onto the floor next to her as she handed it to her. "You dropped this."

Marsh grinned and pulled it on, then reached down and tugged up her jeans. "That champagne went right to my head."

"I noticed," Scully said as she slowly levered herself upright with one hand on the edge of the end table. "You have terrible self- control." She rearranged her robe and tied it as she watched Marsh stand and stretch and then begin to tuck in her shirt and rebutton her jeans. God, she was so sexy. "I wouldn't go to too much trouble if I were you," she said, her pulse starting to pound again.

Marsh stopped with her fingers poised to fasten the last snap. The look Scully gave her made parts of her twitch that should have been beyond satisfaction at this point. "Oh?" she asked, her eyes dancing. "Already?"

Scully took Marsh's hand and pulled her across the room to the table, lifting one of the silver service covers to sniff the array of food she had ordered earlier. "Let's have the appetizers first."

"What do you call what we just did?" Marsh laughed, snagging a bit of something that looked sinful and smelled even better.

"Practice," Scully mumbled around a mouthful.

Marsh retrieved her champagne glass, refilled it and sat on the edge of the bed, watching her lover doing something to a strawberry that ought to be illegal. Marsh's body was still quivering from the onslaught of sensation those lovely lips had just perpetrated, and she couldn't believe it when she felt herself grow heavy and wet yet again. "Dana," she called softly, "I love you."

Scully paused with a fork half raised to her mouth and looked over at Marsh. She knew that tone. Marsh's hair was tousled, her shirt only half buttoned and her jeans half un-buttoned. Her eyes had that dark heaviness that said she was already hot. Scully grinned, and took one last bite. The food would keep.


Marsh groaned when she could find enough air to make sound. "That's it. I'm done. No more."

"Uh huh. Me, too, " Scully sighed. "For a while."

Marsh pushed herself up on one elbow and gently brushed a strand of Scully's hair off Scully's cheek. "You want to tell me now?"

Scully turned her head on the pillow, meeting Marsh's eyes. "You're so sure there's something to tell?"

"You could have ravaged me at home," Marsh said gently.

"True," Scully agreed, smiling at the thought. "And I have. But the food's better here."

"And -- " Marsh persisted.

Scully took a long breath, not wanting to fear the words, needing to feel only happiness. At that moment, Marsh was all she felt, all she knew, and the time was right. "Doctor Phillips called from Boston today. The genetic testing is complete. They can't find anything wrong with the baby."

Marsh's eyes shimmered with a quick rush of tears as she absorbed the news. She blinked them back and pressed her lips to Scully's forehead, whispering, "Oh god, Dana. I am so, so glad."

Scully laughed, simply happy. "Yes."

Marsh gathered her close and just held on. "That's the best news I've ever had."

"There is one more thing," Scully whispered into her ear.

"What," Marsh asked, unable to imagine anything better.

"I ordered three more courses for dinner."



DISCLAIMERS: The characters of Scully, Mulder, Skinner and others/events introduced on the X-Files are the sole property of Chris Carter etc, and are used here without permission for entertainment, not for profit.



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